Welcome to MinoPro 2014

Welcome to theĀ First International Workshop on Modeling Inter-Organizational Processes (MinoPro), a satellite event of Modellierung 2014!

The business world heavily builds upon inter-organizational division of labor requiring cooperation among different partnering companies. Cooperation results in both value creation but also transaction costs, which can be reduced by appropriate system support. Today, systems supporting information processing across enterprise boundaries are widely in place. However, these are often characterized by their rigidity: they are difficult to change, because one simple change may cause a cascade of subsequent changes in dependent artifacts. This rigidity is especially a challenge for inter-organizational processes, because a change usually requires partner-specific customizations leading to high set-up and maintenance costs for an IT-mediated cooperation. Accordingly, such solutions can only be justified for mid- to long-term partnerships. In practice, such rigidity often turns out to be a roadblock for changing suppliers. Consequently, there is a strong need for concepts that help to provide for flexibility and quick adaptation in an inter-organizational setting. In this context, modeling plays an important role for the description, analysis, specification, implementation, monitoring, and controlling of inter-organizational processes.

This workshop aims to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners from various backgrounds who share an interest in inter-organizational processes. We are looking forward to your contributions to this workshop!